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For the 2015-16 season, we are giving away a pair of tickets for a Flames game for selected rounds of Fantasy Hockey!

There will also be 3 team signed jerseys up for grabs. Top overall points, top average points per game (minimum 20 games played) and a random draw from participants who compete in all 82 games!

We will also have random draws fro Flames prize packs from time-to-time!

Flames Fantasy Hockey is a free online game that allows you to play against other Calgary Flames fans as you attempt to earn the most points during each of the Calgary Flames' regular season and playoff hockey games.

A new game round is played for each Flames hockey game, and you can register to play up to 5 minutes before game time. Typically, unless the Flames are playing back-to-back games, you can register to play for the next round a few days in advance. At the very least, registration will open by 10am the day of each Flames regular season and playoff game.


You earn points in each game by first selecting your "team" from members of the Calgary Flames roster. Flames players earn points for you by scoring goals, getting assists, giving hits, etc. But you are limited in the number of players that you can choose by a salary cap. Players that typically earn more points will cost more to purchase for your team.

Player salaries will go up and down over the season depending on if that player is hot or cold.


During a Flames hockey game, you can visit the LEADERBOARD page to see which fans are the current point leaders. You can also visit the PLAYER STATS page to see which Calgary Flames players have recorded stats in the hockey game so far, and who has earned the most points.

In addition, you can check out the SEASON LEADERS page to see who has the highest average points and most accumulated points over all the fantasy games played this season.


In addition to earning points by playing in Flames Fantasy Hockey rounds, you can also get bonus points to put towards your season point average and season point total. Note that bonus points do not apply to the monthly point leaders for highest average points or total points. Here's how you can earn bonus points:

  • 1st place in a Flames Fantasy Hockey round = +50 bonus points.
  • 2nd place in a Flames Fantasy Hockey round = +40 bonus points.
  • 3rd place in a Flames Fantasy Hockey round = +30 bonus points.
  • 4th place in a Flames Fantasy Hockey round = +20 bonus points.
  • 5th place in a Flames Fantasy Hockey round = +10 bonus points.
  • Play in 25 or more Flames Fantasy Hockey rounds = +100 bonus points.
  • Play in 50 or more Flames Fantasy Hockey rounds = +200 bonus points.


We will be awarding a Grand Prize of a Team-Signed Authentic Jersey to the fan with the highest points average at the end of the regular season. We will also award a Flames Prize Pack (cool Flames gear and stuff!) for the fan with the most number of accumulated points each month, highest average points and, for good measure, a participation prize!

Sound like fun? Click on PLAY NOW to get started.


Groups are way for you to easily compete against your friends to see who can get the most points in any Flames Fantasy Hockey round or over the course of the season.

If you have a Group set up already, you can search for it on the GROUPS page. If you would like to set up a Group, go to the MY ACCOUNT page and follow the link to create one. You will then be prompted to add group members by their username.


Once you have signed up, you can join new Flames Fantasy Hockey games using just your username and password.

Also, click on the MY ACCOUNT link in the menu bar to login and access your User Administration. From the MY ACCOUNT page you can check your current roster and points, view your accumulated points for all Flames Fantasy games over the season, view and manage your Groups, or even re-select your current player roster if you wish (up to 5 minutes before game time). From this page you can also edit your contact information.

Questions or Comments

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments on the Flames Fantasy Hockey game, or let us know if you encounter any errors. We are always looking at ways of improving the game. Thanks for playing!

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