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Information for individuals working for groups in the fundraising program.

ProServe is a program that was launched in 2004 to promote responsible alcohol sales and to expressly:
Curb the problem of underage drinking
Reduce alcohol over consumption
Reduce impaired driving
Reduce the risk of violence

It covers legal responsibilities of:
The server, supervisors and management
Identifying intoxication
Dealing with situations involving minors
Refusing alcohol service.

All fundraising volunteers can take the on line training for free using the following steps:
  1. The coordinator for each group must forward a signed copy of the fundraiser agreement to the Smart training office as well as a list of workers volunteering for the group.
  2. Each individual worker must go to www.proserve.aglc.ca and create an account under the “register now” tab. When registering you will be asked for your company, for this you will use the name of the venue where you will be working; if you are working primarily for football games you will use McMahon Stadium; if you are working primarily hockey games then, Scotiabank Saddledome. If your group will be working both venues please use the Scotiabank Saddledome.
  3. The SMART Training office will contact you at the email address used to set up your account and will inform you that you have access.
  4. Once you have access login to your account and select on line training
  5. Completion of the course takes approximately 4-6 hours. It does not have to be completed in one sitting; you have the option of logging in to multiple sessions. You have 60 days from the date that you first login to complete the online course.
  6. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass the exam. You have three attempts to pass the exam.
  7. All workers must carry their ProServe card with them at all times while working for the Calgary Flames. If your card has not been received prior to your first shift you must login to your account and print off a copy of the Personal Information page, this must be kept with you at all times. Once you have received your certificate you must scan a copy and email it to fundraising@calgaryflames.com or photocopy it and fax it to 403-513-9618. We must have this on file for you to continue to work.
Technical support is available, from the SMART training office, during business hours—Monday—Friday 8:15-4:00 pm—1-877-436-6336.